Baptisms of paragliding training courses in Saint-Leu Reunion Island

Choose the type of flights according to your desires!!!
All flights can be carried out by novice practitioners, you are accompanied by a patented state monitor.
Flights to St Leu have been carried out since the takeoff of 800 (or 1500) Overview of the Botanical Conservatory, Kélonia and the lagoon. Rendezvous at landing next to Kélonia. Others in the mountains on various sites of the island
You can also take advantage of our trainings, internships or club accompaniment.
Experience and safety are our fundamentals, in a relaxed atmosphere, share our passion for the air in the world of clouds and birds.


A good gift is downloadable for any order made on the site and for flights with video option, you receive €10 of discount by ordering your flight online.

Benjamin Mailhé

Benjamin Mailhé, father of 5 children, including the eldest 15 years independently. - Practice paragliding since 1987 - Teaching outdoor activities since 1988 (ski instructor, canyon, kayak, paragliding, rafting, whitewater swimming). - Passionate about outdoor sports: practice scuba diving, free fall, climbing, kite surfing ... - Other skills: carpenter, develops the ecological habitat.

Benjamin Mailhé

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