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Performance Internships

Performance Internships:

Objective: The journey and landing off-site.

Training on thermal exploitation and anticipation on its choice of path.

Analysis of the air mass, cloud formations of the aerology and influences.

Optimize a choice based on the analysis.

Lay off-site without ground-material landmarks.

Be able to wait at takeoff, in the air at landing.

Manage his emotional fatigue and make his choices according to his mental state.

Min 4 pers: €90 per day and per person

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Training courses 1 and 2

Training courses 1 and 2:

Objective: To acquire a known autonomy on site.

Training in back and wing-side inflation; Acquire a control phase and take off in serenity.

In flight: Follow a flight plan, respect it and know how to adapt. Stay in a local area.

Thermal operation: Control of pitch and roll.

Landing: Loss of altitude, ground and land based on aerology, terrain and air traffic.

Management of his mental state: to know self evaluate in his nervous, mental and psychic fatigue.

Theoretical contribution on the aerology, the thermal, the wind, the gradient; The mechanics of flying through: the angles of incidence, the finesse, the polars of speed…

Min 4 Persons: €120 per day and per person.

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Initiation Stage

Stage Initiation:
Objective: 1st large autonomous flight.
Individualised training in tandem paragliding: You will learn to spot yourself, to appreciate the height, to make a flight plan, to make an approach according to the conditions upper and the attendance of the site and to ask. The internship includes 5 to 6 flights in tandem.
Training in Solo paragliding: 1 school slope session with the aim of mastering the sail in its axes of tangles and roll and its phases of takeoff and landing.
Theoretical training: How does it fly? The breezes, the wind… Loss of altitude and approaches. The means of security. Four theory sessions.
The mind: I feel ready for the first big flight, stress management, fatigue, abuse…
Price of the course: €680 equipment and shuttles included, in addition to the insurance in air RC.