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Club Coaching

Club accompaniment:You are a small group of friends, a club, an association, I can offer you the discovery of the sites of the island. Indeed there are 25 practice sites: West Coast sites, southern sites, circus sites, high sites, mountain sites.

The island is small but with a multitude of climates.

Through this discovery, we will be able, if you wish, to bring some technical elements and advice so that the participants can progress.

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Individualized Training

These courses are aimed at people who want and want to progress, in groups or alone, in order to adapt to each person and to solve their difficulties according to their needs.

These are daily trainings, consisting of flights, theory, ground inflation and other means that will allow you to progress according to your needs.

From €220 a day.

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Itinerant internships on the island

Itinerant internships on the island:

I propose a discovery of the island on all the sites of Reunion island, according to the conditions upper and the level of the pilots (patented autonomous pilot of course).

The objective will be to bring you to suitable sites according to the upper conditions and the level of the participants.

We will try to find the appropriateness between your internship objectives, the difficulties you encounter, the practice sites and of course the upper conditions.

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